My Instagram feature account, Worldwide Color posts three photos every day, rotating through all of the colors of the rainbow. I love looking through all of the pictures other Instagrammers send in for a feature, and the feed is turning out to be gorgeous (if I do say so myself). Keep reading to see the Instagram’s most colorful travel photos.


The red lanterns in this shot from Kuala Lampur are gorgeous. There is so much natural and man-made beauty in Malaysia, and this picture captures it perfectly. Like this shot? Follow @travelandblog on Instagram.

Other top red photos were of red poppies at the Tower of London by @wangaringugi and a palace in Lisbon, Portugal by @meusroteiros.


This great Instagrammer had a few orange pictures featured this month, and this one was my favorite. This iconic rock formation in Monument Valley is one of the most famous spots in the American west. It was a backdrop in so many of the old westerns that my dad still watches in reruns, and it’s certainly certainly photogenic. Want to see more fantastic pictures like this? Follow @go_on_adventures and check out their blog, Go On Adventures.

Other top orange  photos were of a deep orange sunset in Holiday, Florida by @znicolaou and another orange sunset over Papua New Guinea by @pacifiquegirl.


The unreal yellow landscape at the Dallol volcano in Ethiopia is stunning. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. All of that bright yellow is just mesmerizing. Like this image? Follow @thepistudio for more great pictures, and check out their blog , The Pi Studio.

Other top yellow pictures were of a beautiful Canadian sunset by @walkaboottravel and a scene of New Orleans, Louisiana by @travellovenotes.


Is there anyone who doesn’t love sloths? This perfect shot of one in Costa Rica is sure to make you say, “awwww.” I’d love to visit there to see some of these adorable creatures in the wild. Enjoy the picture? Follow @wanderlust.powderpink for more great pictures.

Other top green photos were of a lush green landscape in Kerala, India by @couplebackpackers and Macchu Pichu in Peru by @houseoftravels.


Nothing to see here folks, just a stingray and pig hanging out

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I’d love to visit the famous Pig Beach for a chance to swim with these cute little creatures. You can find them in the Bahamas, but recently many of them have died. Follow @th3venture for more great shots.

Other top turquoise pictures included St. Ives, Cornwall by @travellive_eat and a market in Istanbul, Turkey by @traveling_tigalina.


The sky over this mosque is incredible, and the birds and people give it a vibrant, life-like feel. Want to visit? It’s located in Istanbul, Turkey. Follow @girlastray for more great pictures, and check out her blog, Girl Astray, and Facebook page.

Other top blues this month were of a glacier in Alaska by @lazygirladventure and another gorgeous sky scene from Kalimpong, India by @sanjiban_ghosh.


The World is a mysterious place. Any guesses to where this is?

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This was my favorite photo out of the whole month! The starry night sky over the Norway shore is stunning. The twinkling lights of the Milky Way are mesmerizing. Want to see more? Follow @oceanhoppers for more great pictures.

Other top purple photos this month included a gorgeous dog in a field of purple flowers by @you_magic_moment and a sunset over Crete, Greece by @verislav.


I’m a sucker for anything Disney, and I love this shot of Spaceship Earth at Epcot lit up at night. Disney parks are at their best after the sun goes down and the lights come on, and Epcot has always been my favorite. Like this picture? Follow @wanderlusttheworldandi for more.

Other top pink pictures this month included a gorgeous pink flamingo by @ycardozo and a stunning pink sunset over Hobart, Tasmania by @flights_to_fancy.

Which one is your favorite?

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Instagram's most colorful travel photos are represented in this rainbow of color from around the world.

Instagram's most colorful travel photography is represented in this rainbow of color from around the world.