Finding gifts for someone going to Disney World can be a challenge. There are so many options out there – how do you find what will really be useful? Luckily, as a former Cast Member and frequent visitor, I have a pretty good idea of what the best gifts for a Disney trip would be. Whether you’re shopping for a bon voyage present, birthday gifts, or hunting down the best Disney Christmas gifts, this list has items for travelers of all ages. It’s broken down into sections of Disney gifts for adults, Disney gifts for kids, gifts for the whole family, and Disney luggage and bags so you can use the table to contents to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

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Disney gifts for adults

As a childless adult, this is clearly the most important section for me, so let’s kick things off with some awesome Disney Christmas gifts for adults.

T-shirts and tank tops

The Mountains are calling Disney World t-shirt

Photo by The Southern Paisley on Etsy

Disney-themed t-shirts are essential for visiting the parks. I like to try to match mine to the park I’m visiting that day. I have a Lion King shirt I love to wear to Animal Kingdom, a Magic Kingdom rides one for days at the Magic Kingdom, etc. However, you don’t have to be that crazy. Any old Disney t-shirt will do. And the good news is that there are so many options available. Seriously – I had so many tabs open with Disney shirts in them while I was writing this that I broke Chrome. We’re truly living in a remarkable age. Here are a few of my current favorites:

  • Magic Kingdom “The mountains are calling” t-shirt. I have the long sleeved version of this one, but I love the idea. It features silhouettes of my favorite Magic Kingdom rides, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain, and comes in a ton of colors and styles. Don’t like the t-shirt? Try a tank top or a raglan all available from the same shop.
  • These matching Minnie and Mickey Santa hat shirts are perfect Disney Christmas gifts for friends or family visiting the parks over the holidays.
  • This “I’m a nervous Rex” shirt will never not make me giggle.
  • If you’re visiting for Christmas, here’s an adorable holiday-themed shirt.
  • For a slightly fancier look, check out this customizable Mickey floral design.

Custom printed dresses and skirts

Woman in a Spaceship Earth dress in front of Spaceship Earth

Yes, I’m obsessed with this dress.

I’m obsessed with my Epcot dress. I’ve never gotten so many complements about something I was wearing as I have when I wore it to Epcot. I’ve been buying clothes from this Etsy shop for a few years now and have loved everything.

Jean Jacket

Though the weather there is usually warm, if you’re shopping for gifts for someone going to Disney World in the winter, they’ll likely want a light jacket for the evenings. Jean jackets are back in style and there are plenty of cool choices on Shop Disney.

Disney name necklace

Necklace with name in Disney font

Photo by MojoGold

I’m obsessed with Disney jewelry and I’m to the point that I now have more necklaces and earrings than I can wear on a vacation without switching them mid-day in the parks. And yet, I’m still obsessed with this gorgeous find on Etsy. You can get a custom name done in the classic Disney font for an adorable personalized touch.

Personalized flip flops

These are great for men and women, and are a must-have for trips to the pool or the Disney water parks.

iPhone Case

Spaceship Earth phone case

Photo by Shop Emily G on Etsy

Sadly, this one only comes in sizes for iPhones, which is the only thing stopping me from snatching one up. There are plenty of Disney designs available from this shop (one of my favorites on Etsy), but this Spaceship Earth one is my favorite. And, unlike a lot of the cheaper cases you can get printed, this one is an Otterbox, which has protected my Pixel on many falls.

Disney gifts for kids

There is an endless array of Disney gifts for kids, so it can be hard to figure out what will be useful for a Disney World visit. These are some of my favorite items that will come in handy during vacation.

Disney onsies

These kind of baby outfits come in tons of Disney options, but this Incredibles one is one of my favorites. It’s labeled as being for boys, but let’s face it, I’d put a girl in it too.

Disney bathing suit

One of the fun parts about visiting Disney World is hitting the hotel pool and/or one of the water parks. There are plenty of suits designed for kids to bring out their Disney side, including all the favorite animated films and Star Wars.

Disney Crocs sandals

These adorable kids sandals are perfect for heading to the pool or one of the water parks. They even have an adorable Minnie inspired pair!

Hooded towels

These super cute Disney hooded towels are the perfect things to take to the pool for kids. They’re the perfect combination of functional and adorable.

Custom autograph book

Spiral bound notebook with glittery Mickey head and bow with text reading "Brynne"

Photo by MinnieAndDaisyStudio on Etsy

I’m all about personalized travel gifts, so I love that you can get this one customized – plus it’s great for a family with multiple kids so they can tell their books apart easily. Disney sells officially-licensed ones, but I love the fact that the spiral binding on this one allows you to flip the pages around, thus making it easier for characters to hold the book.

Disney autograph pen

If you’re getting character autographs, you should have a fun Disney pen to pair with the book. These Disney character pens are both adorable and on-theme.

Disney princess dresses

Dressing little girls up in princess dresses to visit the park has become a classic. The thing is, you can get the exact same dresses they sell in the parks for way less ahead of time. Whether you’re looking for a full-length costume dress like Belle or Anna or a cute little onsie one for a baby, these make great Disney gifts for kids – especially since they can reuse them for dress up at home.

Minnie Mouse sunglasses

There’s a reason Florida is called the Sunshine State. Protect little eyes with these special Disney sunglasses.

Animal Kingdom scrunchies

Scrunchies are back! Probably the only ’80s/’90s trend that actually should be revived, these are fun, pretty, and useful all in one. This set is perfect for a day at Animal Kingdom.

Disney snacks baby bib

White bib with a print of a Mickey shaped ice cream bar

Photo by TheMagicalFeather on Etsy

Trying the special foods is one of the most important parts of any Disney vacation for me, so I love anything that features snacks. This snack-themed bib would look fantastic on any baby heading to Disney World.

Minnie baby snack pouches

One of the great things about visiting Disney parks is that you can bring your own snacks in. This is especially useful for kids and families on a budget. These reusable snack bags for kids have a few Disney options, including Mickey, Minnie, and Cinderella.

Disney UNO

These Disney Parks UNO cards feature your favorite Disney rides and icons. They’re a great way to pass the time while flying or driving to Disney World or even in long lines at the parks. There are other varieties too, from Mickey and friends to The Incredibles. For a different kind of time-killer, check out these Mickey Mouse Mad Libs.

Disney gifts for the whole family

These unique Disney gifts will appeal to the whole family. From matching shirts and PJs (ok, maybe teenagers won’t love those options) to books and games to pass the time traveling and waiting in line, these items are great for kids and adults alike.

Matching family t-shirts for Disney World

Four white and grey tshirts with Mickey or Minnie heads on them and personalized names below the icon

Photo by FamilyshirtsCo on Etsy

Teenage me would be horrified to see this recommendation, but now that I’m an adult I kind of like the idea. These matching, personalized Disney shirts come in all sizes from adults to kids to onsies for babies. They’ll set you up for the perfect family photo in front of Cinderella Castle or with the man himself, Mickey Mouse. Or go for the glittery kind.

Disney gift cards

These can be used all over Disney property for souvenirs, food, and even hotel rooms. Smaller dollar amounts make great gifts for kids so they can do some shopping with their own money or stocking stuffers for the whole family. Disney vacations are not cheap, so gift cards like this are a helpful way to defray some of the cost.

Disney parks tickets

If you’re really feeling like going over the top, you could spring for a park ticket or two. I always buy through Undercover Tourist since they’re an official partner and offer discounts on multi-day tickets – and they’re one of my top ways to save money at Disney. This is the kind of thing you’ll  definitely want to consult your friends or family members about before buying, even though it’ll ruin the surprise in case they’ve already bought them through a vacation package or want to get park hoppers or water park admissions.

Birnbaum’s Guide Book

I remember combing through these books as a kid and picking out all of the rides that I wanted to ride before each of my trips. This official guidebook to Disney World features all of the resorts, rides, and restaurants to help you plan your trip and will be a great way to get kids excited.

Disney beach towels

There are all kinds of varieties of Disney beach towels available, but this rainbow R2-D2 one and this colorful princess towel on it are two of my favorite. There are also tons of options with other characters on them.

Custom Magic Band skins

Magic Band for the wrist with a light, airy print full of Disney parks items

Photo by ShopEmilyG on Etsy

Etsy is an absolute treasure trove for Magic Band skins. They’re awesome because you can spice up the cheap plain ones for a low cost. I’ve bought several from this shop over the years and quite like this fun parks print. There are all kinds of designs available featuring Disney characters, Disney snacks, rides, parks, and more.

Magic Bands

If you’re shopping for unique Disney gifts, Magic Bands are a huge convenience to have and make a great present since they’re no longer complimentary even if you’re staying at a Disney hotel. Not to worry, there are plenty of bands for sale with park imagery and characters. Take some time to poke around and see all of the options.

Mickey or Minnie umbrella strollers

These light strollers are perfect for days at the parks. You can pick between red with Mickey ears and pink and white polka dots with Minnie ears on top.

Personalized stroller plate

Nametag shaped like a Cast Member tag with ribbons with text reading "Fernandez Family Miami, FL"

Photo by SCSouthernStyle on Etsy

This Disney-themed (you can also get non-Disney designs if you don’t want to be fun) stroller name plate will help your family’s stroller stand out from all of the other strollers in Fantasyland – and if you’ve never been to Disney World before, please believe me when I say that there will be more strollers parked outside of the popular rides than you ever knew existed.

Disney water bottles

I never go to the parks without a refillable water bottle. It’s hot and bottled water is expensive and not very environmentally friendly so why pay money for water when I can get it for free? These Disney water bottles with numerous options to choose from will save your vacationers loads of money and help them stay hydrated in the hot Florida sun.

Custom designed mouse ears

Rainbow sequined Minnie Mouse ears make unique Disney gifts

Photo by CaliandMeBoutique on Etsy

Mouse ears are the quintessential Disney World accessory. Sure, you could wait to pick some up at the gift shop, but why not check out some of the custom designs on Etsy. These unique Disney gifts will help the wearer stand out and really share their personality. Here are a few of my favorites:

Hidden Mickey book

You’ll find hidden Mickeys all over Disney World property, and keeping an eye out for them is a great way to kill time in line. This guidebook has tips for finding all of the classic ones.

Matching Mickey Christmas pajamas

These are perfect for a family planning a Disney Christmas vacation, or for parents to bring along with them as a Christmas Eve present. They come in sizes for men, women, kids, and toddlers so the whole family can match. They change every holiday season, so check back when they’re released for new options.

Disney bags and other gear

Disney hardside luggage

I’ll never go back to soft sided bags, and it’s nice to see that fun designs are becoming more and more common on hardsided luggage. This Mickey inspired roller bag is the perfect gift for someone heading to Disney World and there are plenty of other Disney options to choose from.

Minnie inspired fanny pack

Fanny packs are getting cool again, which is great news for people who are fans of convenient storage. These Minnie-inspired bags were designed by a real life Disney fan and blogger so you know they’re the real deal.

Disney backpacks

Having something versatile to carry all of your stuff around during a day at the parks (see what I like to pack in my day bag) is essential. Loungefly backpacks come in an endless array of adorable Disney designs and are all the rage at the parks right now.

Disney printed overnight bag

I absolutely love these – so much that when I got mine I went back and ordered one for my mom. They’re the perfect size for a weekend or can serve as a carry-on for a flight to Disney. This shop has a whole array of designs, from more understated Mickey icons to Disney dogs prints.

Custom Disney luggage tag

Luggage tags with Minnie and Mickey

Photo by AAAGiftShop on Etsy

Don’t forget a custom Disney luggage tag for your suitcases! These can be created with a variety of colors and characters to suit the taste of adults and kids alike.

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