Just because you’re not out on the road doesn’t mean you can’t have a travel-themed Christmas. I love to incorporate my love of travel into my décor – of both the holiday and non-holiday variety. Travel ornaments are one of my favorite souvenirs – I love to collect one from every destination and then reminisce about the places I’ve been as I put up my tree each year. Of course, if you haven’t spent the last decade stashing away ornaments (and occasionally modified keychains when you can’t find a real one) from everywhere you’ve been – not that I’d know anything about that – you still have plenty of options out there. If you weren’t already in a festive mood, this list of travel-themed Christmas décor will help you incorporate your wanderlust into your holiday celebrations.

You’ll find loads of travel ornaments perfect for your wanderlust-inspired Christmas tree at stores like Joann, Michaels, and Target – or go for this collection from sellers on Etsy and Amazon.

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Customized travel Christmas ornaments

A personalized travel ornament is a great way to commemorate a special trip. You can get these in all kinds of styles from family “collages” where you select a design and have each person’s name inscribed below a figure representing them to ones listing a destination and year for a particular trip. Here are a few of my favorites:

Custom couple travel ornament

Customized travel ornament with boarding pass inscription

Photo by Bert’s Clay Creations on Etsy

This is the most elaborate (and consequently most expensive) of the custom travel ornaments on this list, but the results are incredible. You get to choose everything from the handmade figurines to the custom inscription on the boarding pass. There is a decent amount of lead time required for one of these so place your order early if you want to receive it in time for Christmas.

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Personalized globe ornament

Multi-colored globe travel ornaments with various custom text inscriptions

Photo by Whimsy Type on Etsy

Globes make the perfect ornaments and for these you can choose from four different colors to match your tree’s theme. You can also add up to ten words of customization. The listing suggests it as a teacher appreciation gift, but you can have whatever you want on it. It would be great for commemorating a special trip listing your destination.

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Custom road sign travel ornament

Glass bauble with road sign featuring countries and cities

Photo by Rusty Old Barn Company on Etsy

I love this simple play on the popular road signs you see in various locations where each plank points in the direction of a particular city with the distance in miles or kilometers listed. You get to choose the number of destinations and specify what they are as well as choose from a beachy or snowy theme. It would be a great way to commemorate a road trip or trip that took you through multiple locations.

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Personalized passport ornament

Open passport shaped ornament with custom inscription and colorful entry stamps

Photo by Orindas Ornaments on Etsy

This ornament can be ordered with or without the personalization, but why not add your own custom touch? You can select a name or names, short text about the trip, and a year.

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Custom family airplane ornament

Custom travel ornament with caricature faces and names

Photo b Personalize Station on Etsy

This is great for travel-loving families as you can specify your own names for the people on the plane. This listing is for a family of five, but the same shop also sells different family sizes and other travel inspired ornaments.

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Travel year ornament

Glass ornament with globe and custom year

Photo by WCD Shoppe on Etsy

This glass ornament allows you to choose the year of a trip as well as the location of a heart on the map. It would be a great way to make a collection for each big trip you take.

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Personalized cruise ship ornament

Perfect for commemorating a special cruise, this ship-shaped ornament can be personalized with your destination and the year of your cruise.

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Map inspired travel ornaments

I’ve been a little obsessed with maps and globes since I was a kid, so I automatically love anything featuring a design like that. And the great news is that globes are perfectly shaped to translate into traditional Christmas ornament baubles. It’s really a win-win situation that would be impossible to pass up.

Adventure awaits ornament

Multi-colored globe ornaments with text reading "Adventure awaits"

Photo by Whimsy Type on Etsy

I love this quote so much that I wanted to name my blog after it. Sadly, someone else beat me to it, but I still love the inspirational feel. You can choose the color of the globe as well as the color of the writing and leave it with the standard “adventure awaits” quote or add your own custom text.

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Oh the places you’ll go ornament

Map ornament with text reading "Oh the places you'll go"

Photo by Jf Vintage Art on Etsy

One of the most popular travel quotes out there, Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the places you’ll go” is perfect for anyone wanting to add a wanderlust touch to their Christmas tree. Set over a map, it’ll leave you dreaming of your next trip. It would also make a great gift for someone heading off for a semester abroad or as something to wrap up to announce a trip you’re gifting.

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Peace on Earth Vintage Globe

Globe travel ornament with flag saying "peace on earth"

I love the vintage look of this globe ornament. Its little peace on earth flag is perfect for the theme and the season and it has just a little sparkle to it.

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Gilded globe inspired ornaments

Gilded globe ornaments in various shades of blue

Photo by Holiday Every Day Art

These absolutely gorgeous old fashioned globe ornaments are drool-worthy. They come in three different shades of blue, and while they don’t exactly have real maps on them guests don’t exactly tend to inspect your Christmas tree all that closely anyway.

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Other great options:

Destination-specific Travel ornaments

Destination-specific ornaments are a little harder to find if you’re not in that area, but there are plenty available online for the most popular tourist destinations. Spots like London, Paris, Rome, and NYC will be a piece of cake to find. For lesser-known places, you might have to resort to eBay or ordering a customized one somewhere like Etsy. Here are a few of my favorites to choose from.

African destinations:

Asian destinations:

Caribbean destinations:

European destinations:

North American destinations:

Oceania destinations:

South American destinations:

If you want an extra complement to your travel ornaments, you can also buy map garland to trip the tree with. Check it out!

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Collection of travel Christmas ornaments with text overlay reading "Travel ornaments for anyone with wanderlust"

Collection of travel ornaments with text overlay reading "Christmas ornaments for travel lovers" Collection of travel Christmas ornaments with text overlay reading "travel ornaments for the perfect wanderlust tree"