You don’t have to break the bank when shopping for your favorite traveler. This collection of travel gifts under $25 will give you the perfect inspiration for holidays, birthdays, bon voyage parties, and everything in between – or if you’re like me, a treat yourself moment. Whether you’re shopping for that friend who is always hopping a flight somewhere, or someone heading off on their first ever trip overseas, the travel gifts in this guide will make their vacation that much better. Happy shopping!

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Luggage and bags under $25

Packable backpack

These have become my go-to and I’ve logged multiple Disney visits and a couple vacations with mine. They’re water resistant so they can handle light rain and can easily be tossed in larger luggage without taking up too much space.

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Packing cubes

I use this exact set of packing cubes – they once helped me pack for a 5-day trip to Florida flying Spirit airlines with just a small backpack. They can help keep you organized with different cubes holding designated items or a cube per day, or they can help you squeeze in a little extra into your carry on. They come in a variety of colors too, so you can choose one that matches their luggage or suits their personality.

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Toiletry bag

The hanging design of this toiletry bag is great because you may not always have counter space in the hotel or hostel bathroom – particularly when traveling outside of the US. It has several compartments to keep items separate and has a water resistant fabric that should help contain most spills. It also comes in five different colors to suit different tastes.

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Packable duffel bag

To say I love this packable duffel is an understatement. If the wide range of colors and patterns (including summery florals and special Christmas prints) isn’t enough, it can really come in handy in a pinch. It folds down into its own little pouch and can be tossed into your luggage in case of a little too much shopping on vacation or it can be used as a small carry on for travel days.

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Waterproof dry bag

We use these for tubing every year so can protect our phones and towels on the river. They’re perfect for anyone heading somewhere where they’ll be on the water. Kayaking, boating, canoeing, tubing, or even hiking in the rain are all great uses for this great bag. It comes in loads of colors and a few different sizes up to 40L.

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Shoe bags

These come in especially handy for keeping dirt and other crud from shoes off of the rest of the stuff in your luggage. I like to use mine for other things like keeping a change of clothes in my backpack for after a red eye too.

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Jewelry box

I’ve spent entirely too much time trying to untangle necklaces from the jewelry pouch I keep in my suitcase, so a simple jewelry box like this is a no-brainer for me. With separate compartments for different pieces and slots to hold rings, it’ll hold enough jewelry to get your favorite traveler through vacation.

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Electronics and accessories under $25

Portable phone charger

The Anker PowerCore 10000 (a larger and slightly pricier version of this one – it’s only 99 cents over my arbitrary $25 cutoff!) is my favorite travel accessory of all time. I don’t go anywhere without it, and I’ve even used it in non-travel situations like the mall and hockey games. This option offers slightly less charging power, but keeps you under the $25 limit for this travel gift guide while still keeping the Anker quality.

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Travel adapter

Anyone traveling internationally is going to need an adapter for their electronics. This multi-country one allows easy switching between different plug shapes for travelers on the go.

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Camera memory cards

Keep them snapping photos throughout their whole trip with these high quality SD memory cards. You can get them in a variety of storage capacities, so they can take as many pictures as possible.

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Solar powered charger

This comes in especially handy for outdoor trips where travelers may not have somewhere to plug in their phones overnight. It can be clipped to the outside of a backpack for hikers or left on the car’s dashboard for road trippers, among many other uses.

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Bluetooth headphone adapter

Phones without aux jacks are the worst, and I went a year of frequent flying without actually using the seatback screens to watch a movie because my noise cancelling headphones didn’t have a way to plug into the sound sytem. This handy bluetooth device eliminates that problem by plugging into the aux jack on plan seats and turning it into a transmitter that will pair with wireless headphones. It’s tiny, but a game changer. If you want to go even cheaper and not have to worry about bluetooth connectivity, an aux-to-aux cable like this can work too if their headphones have an input jack.

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Other travel gifts under $25

Travel journal

Keeping a daily travel journal is one of my favorite aspects of my vacations. I love jotting down a few pages about what I did during the day, what we ate, what little things I noticed and would otherwise forget, how seeing certain sights made me feel, funny moments, and all kinds of other things at the end of the night. This simple, but high quality travel journal is a great way to inspire that habit in a fellow traveler. If you’re looking for something more tailored to them, there are destination-specific options out there for some of the more popular places to visit, so keep an eye out for those.

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Packable towel

This mini microfiber towel has come in handy for me everywhere from Iceland to Biscayne National Park to kayaking at Lake Tahoe. It’s a great travel accessory because of its compact size ad easily packable pouch. And you can get a variety of colors so everyone can tell theirs apart.

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Pocket umbrella

No one wants it to rain on their vacation, but not having an umbrella will make that rain even worse. This compact option is small enough to fit in a coat pocket or day bag easily and will help keep some of the rain off. Try picking a bright, pretty color that will look nice in their photos too.

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Reusable water bottle

Bringing one of these is a great way to save money on a trip and ensure you stay hydrated, so whoever you’re shopping for will love this gift. It’s been my go-to since I finally caved and replaced my beat up old one and I love that the lid locks shut and covers the part you put your mouth on when it’s closed. And it’s environmentally friendly since your favorite traveler won’t be buying bottled water.

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Passport cover

Your passport is one of the most valuable items you carry with you when you travel, so it’s always a good idea to protect it. This RFID blocking passport cover will shield it from your typical wear and tear while giving it a stylish look. It comes in a variety of styles and colors – I chose the most elaborate one by far for the image above – so check it out to see what’s available.

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Neck pillow

Neck pillows like these come in handy for overnight flights or train rides when you’re trying to catch a few hours of sleep. This one is especially handy because it packs down into a compact pouch so your giftee isn’t stuck hauling around a giant pillow for their whole trip.

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TSA sized toiletry bottles

Instead of relying on luck hoping that the hotel’s shampoo isn’t terrible, these reusable toiletry bottles make it easy to bring hair products, liquid soaps, and lotions from home. Coming in just under the TSA-mandated 3.4 ounce capacity, they can even be placed in a quart sized bag and packed in a carry-on. I prefer this style because it’s easier to squeeze out those precious last few drops from the pliable silicon material than it is from more rigid bottles.

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Guide books

As much fun as travel blogs are (*cough* Right? *cough*), sometimes it’s nice to have a hard copy of information for those long plane rides without wifi or destinations without reliable internet. You can find them about almost any destination online from a variety of big names. Lonely Planet guidebooks are my personal favorites, but I’m also a big fan of the Eyewitness ones.

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Waterproof phone case

I love this particular waterproof pouch because it holds my phone (Pixel) in its Otterbox case with a Popsocket on the back with no struggle. It can protect it from casual splashes out on the water all the way up to full submersion. It’s the perfect gift for anyone heading on a trip where they’ll be in or around the water or in heavy rain, and with over 28,000 reviews on Amazon it’s well-tested. Bonus: It comes in a bunch of colors so people traveling in a group will have an easier time telling their phones apart.

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Mini first aid kit

You never want to need a first aid kit, but when you do it’s good to have one handy. I have half a dozen boxes of band aids in my house because it took me way to long to learn this lesson and I had to buy a whole box every time I needed one on one of my business trips.

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Travel size straightener

This compact hair straightener is perfect for traveling since it takes up less space in luggage than a normal one would. It’s great for styling on the go so you look halfway decent in your vacation photos. Don’t forget to pair it with a heat resistant case so it doesn’t melt other items if it gets packed way while still warm.

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Life Straw water purifier

This makes a great gift for hikers, campers, or anyone traveling to parts of the world where drinking tap water isn’t recommended. Its filters will make water safe to drink and can be used like a (slightly bulky) straw. If you go a touch above the $25 price limit for this gift guide – some colors retail for $25.99 on Amazon, you can even get a version built into a reusable water bottle for even more convenience.

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Fun pool float

Perfect for beach vacations, there are tons of fun and/or humorous pool floats out there these days. You’ll find everything from rainbow unicorns like the one pictured here to dinosaurs to cheeseburgers and everything in between. Honestly, just browsing the search results will probably give you a chuckle so check them out.

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