In addition to being a die hard traveler, I’m a nerd through and through. The easiest way to get me to buy something is to slap a Star Wars or Harry Potter character on it. I had an awesome time trolling Amazon for the best travel gifts for nerds, geeks, or – as I like to call them – awesome people. Click on their favorite fandom in the table of contents to jump straight to that section.

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Star Wars gifts

I’m kicking off the list with Star Wars gifts for travelers because it’s definitely my biggest fandom. I like it enough to have named my dog Artoo after everyone’s favorite little droid, so you can tell I’m serious.

Character luggage

This high-quality spinner luggage features several favorite Star Wars characters. R2-D2 is pictured in the link below, but Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, and BB-8 options are also available.

Star Wars luggage tags

These adorable luggage tags make a great stocking stuffer to coordinate with that nifty luggage.

Chewbacca camera case

I own the messenger bag version of this camera case and I’m obsessed with it. It’s perfect for the Star Wars-loving photographer on your shopping list.

Rogue One bathroom bag

Star Wars fans can carry their toothbrush, toothpaste, and other bathroom necessities in style with this Rogue One bathroom bag. This is a little more subtle than full-on character luggage for fans who don’t want to parade around with it. You know what else makes an awesome bathroom bag? A kids’ lunch box, like this R2-D2 one I’ve been traveling with for the last few years.

Star Wars toothbrush covers

These fun toothbrush covers would make another great stocking stuffer to pair with that fancy new bathroom bag.

BB-8 headphones

Some fans complained that BB-8 was designed just to sell merchandise, but even if that’s the case, the newest darling droid is adorable. These themed headphones are perfect for any Star Wars loving kid on your list.

Lightsaber portable charging pack

I’ve had this portable charger for a couple of years now and it is fantastic for long days on the road or while flying on those annoying old planes that haven’t had charging ports installed yet. It comes in several other designs if your Star Wars fan has different tastes.

Yoda neck pillow

This Yoda pillow will allow jetsetting Star Wars fans to sleep in comfort.

Lightsaber water bottle

This lightsaber water bottle is perfect for filling up at a drinking fountain after going through airport security so your favorite traveler can stay hydrated.

Star Wars thermos

I’m a big fan of tea, and I love having a travel thermos to keep my beverage warm on the road. I especially love having a fun design on mine.

Star Trek gifts for travelers

I was late to the Star Trek fandom, but it’s really grown on me as an adult. Here are the best gifts I could find for traveling Trekkies.

Starfleet travel mug

Keep your drinks warm with this handy travel mug that makes it look like you might just be a part of Starfleet. I like to imagine the Enterprise crew having their morning coffee in one of these.

Star Trek collapsible water bottle

This flat-packing water pouch is perfect for backpackers and hikers who need to save space in their bags.

Federation bathroom bag

Your Trekkie can pretend to be a Starfleet trainee while brushing their teeth with this nifty bathroom bag.

Star Trek pill organizer

They’ll love this subtle little pill organizer that can be used to hold medication or vitamins.

Star Trek laptop bag

If your traveler carries a laptop with them, this Star Trek carrying bag will be perfect to showcase their favorite fandom. The bag also comes in red, though I wouldn’t want to risk my precious laptop’s life by hauling it around in a red uniform bag.

Klingon messenger bag

I love having a messenger bag as my day bag because it looks less touristy than a backpack. This one is perfect for traveling Trekkies.

Harry Potter travel gifts

I’m part of the generation that grew up waiting anxiously for the next Harry Potter book, so naturally this section is near and dear to my heart.

Harry Potter duffel bag

This is the perfect bag for a weekend road trip or a quick visit with relatives. Bonus: there’s plenty of room for a copy of their favorite Rowling book.

Hogwarts alumni bathroom case

Just because none of us ever got our Hogwarts letters doesn’t mean we can’t pretend like we graduated from it while we’re brushing our teeth with this Hogwarts bathroom case. Do wizards and witches brush their teeth or is there a spell for that? I suppose I’d know if I’d gone to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter places book

This book is the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans. Whether they’re stuck at home or heading to the UK to see these sites in person, it takes them through several of the locations important to the books and movies. There are five parts, with this first one focusing on the London area.

Harry Potter book light

This book light, which plays on the Harry Potter universe’s spell to generate light, is perfect for readers who travel. Those of us who still like paper books over e-readers occasionally need a little light, whether it’s on a red eye flight or late at night in a hostel.

Marauders Map travel umbrella

I never travel without a mini umbrella because I hate getting wet when it rains. This Marauders Map version is adorable.

Harry Potter journal

I’ve mentioned my love of journaling when I travel before, and this Platform 9 3/4 journal is a perfect gift for nerdy travelers like me who like writing as much as they like reading.

Hogwarts Express backpack

What Harry Potter fan doesn’t dream of taking a ride on the Hogwarts Express? This very Potter yet not over-the-top backpack is the perfect daypack for traveling. Check it out here.

Platform 9 3/4 luggage tag

This fictional train platform was made so famous by the books that a photo spot was actually set up in the real life station. This luggage tag makes a great stocking stuffer for Harry Potter fans dreaming of visiting one day or ones who’ve already made it there.

Doctor Who travel gifts

This long-running British tv show has gained traction in the US in recent years, and it’s incredible. It’s the rare show that has a little bit for all ages. And also, because I think it’s important for all fans to have a favorite, the tenth doctor is and always will be mine.

TARDIS makeup case

I definitely know some ladies who could use an endlessly large travel makeup case. While this doesn’t actually use TARDIS technology, at least it’s cute.

Doctor Who satchel

This bag is the perfect size for a carry-on or personal item. It features most of the Doctors (it only goes up through 11) and will help guide your belongings on your journey through time and space.

Doctor Who beach towel

This towel is a great gift for those fans who liked Doctor Who during its original run. Styled after the iconic, ridiculously long scarf worn by one of the versions of The Doctor (this is hard to explain to non-fans), this is a great subtle nod to the show that only true fans will get. And also it dries you off at the beach/pool.

Doctor Who adult coloring book

Coloring is a great way to pass the time on planes and trains. I’ve spent many an hour juggling colored pencils on my tray table trying to make the perfect design.

Doctor Who poetry book

This poetry book is another fun time-killer for travelers on planes or who just like to relax by reading at the end of the day.

TARDIS journal

The beauty of the TARDIS is that it can take you anywhere in the universe – and what traveler wouldn’t want that? This journal even comes with extra gadgets that Doctor Who fans will love.

Doctor Who backpack

What Doctor Who fan wouldn’t want to have a TARDIS adorning their day bag?

TARDIS travel mug

As much as we’d all like to have a virtually limitless supply of tea (or coffee) in the morning, this travel mug doesn’t actually employ TARDIS technology. It’s still gorgeous though!

Game of Thrones travel gifts

It’s hard to go anywhere on the internet without seeing Game of Thrones spoilers these days. Trust me, I know because I’m a whole season behind. Chances are that you know someone who’s a fan of the show and/or books, and if they also love to travel, these gifts are perfect for them.

Game of Thrones filming locations book

The HBO series has filmed in some fantastic locations like Iceland and Dubrovnik, Croatia. This handy travel guide takes the reader through some of the most recognizable spots. Fans will love a chance to walk through the real world King’s Landing and other fantastic locations.

Targaryan crossbody bag

I always favor this type of bag for travel because it feels the most secure when wandering unfamiliar cities. Fans of Daenerys Targaryan will love to take this on their next vacation. More of a Stark fan? There are several other designs available for sale.

Tyrion quote tumbler

This travel mug features one of my favorite quotes from the series. I almost wish I drank more just so I could apply it to myself.

Game of Thrones water bottle

Staying hydrated is one of my biggest challenges when on the road. No traveler in Westeros or otherwise should leave home without a water bottle, and why not make it be a cool one? I like this style for traveling because the screw top won’t leak or squirt everywhere when the pressure changes on the plane.

Hand of the King journal

Having a travel journal is a crucial piece of all of my vacations. This fancy one is a perfect gift for Game of Thrones fans who love to write or who are setting out on a trip to see some of the filming locations.

Targaryan wallet

What better way to safeguard your gold (or just regular old money) than with dragons? If you can’t snag a real dragon, try this wallet.

Lord of the Rings travel gifts

If you know any fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing, they’ll love these gifts for the road.

Those who wander patch

This quote from the Lord of the Rings series has become a total travel cliché, but that’s because it speaks to so many who are called to travel. And, for the record, I liked it before it was cool. This patch is perfect for long-term travelers and backpackers and anyone else who has the wanderlust bug.

Those who wander pillow

This pillow isn’t exactly ideal for taking on the road, but it’s perfect for travelers who have a steady home base.

Lord of the Rings passport holder

I’m a big advocate of having a case for your passport to protect it. Mine is a homemade Doctor Who one, but this much nicer one is a great gift for Lord of the Rings fans.

New Zealand filming guide

All fans know that New Zealand was used as the filming location for most of Middle Earth. This handy travel guide takes readers to many of the iconic locations, including the famous Hobbiton set.

Lord of the Rings coloring book

Coloring books are the perfect way to pass time on long flights or train rides.

Fellowship of the Ring sticker

Road trippers, van lifers, and RV residents will love this adorable Lord of the Rings sticker.

Marvel travel gifts

I have to come clean and admit that I never really got into comic books, but I adore the Marvel movies. Here are some of my favorite travel gifts for Marvel fans.

Avengers travel bathroom set

You can never go wrong with travel sized toiletries, especially when they feature Marvel characters. If you’re really feeling ambitious, you can pair it with a matching Avengers bathroom bag.

Avengers travel blanket

This compact blanket is perfect for keeping warm on red eye flights or snuggling up while camping.

Spiderman fanny pack

Apparently fanny packs are becoming trendy again. I don’t hate it because those things are practical. Might as well get one with a favorite character on it.

Captain America backpack

Show off your love for Captain America when you’re on the road. This backpack makes a great personal item for long flights.

Guardians of the Galaxy earbuds

I love this group of bickering anti-heroes. These ear buds make a great stocking stuffer for traveling fans. Plus,
it comes with a cute retro tape pouch.

Marvel roller bag

This great piece of luggage is covered with comic book prints and is a perfect carry-on or weekend bag.

Avengers travel pillow

Long haul fliers (and people on early morning flights) can always use a neck pillow to help them sleep more comfortably.

DC comics travel gifts

My brother will passionately argue about the superiority of DC comics. I’m pretty sure some of these items will be on his Christmas list this year.

Batman travel pouches

This set of TSA-compliant bags is perfect for stashing cosmetics, snacks, or whatever you need to bring in your carry-on.

Wonder Woman backpack

I like the understated style of this vintage-looking backpack. And it’s adorned with the always awesome Wonder Woman’s logo.

Justice League passport cover

This passport cover makes a great stocking stuffer for globetrotting DC fans. It’s especially relevant now that the Justice League movie has just come out.

Batman sleeping bag

Sorry adults, this sleeping bag is kid-sized. It’s perfect for warm-weather camping or overnights with family though.

Wonder Woman cosmetic bag

I don’t even wear makeup and I kind of want this travel case.

Batman eye mask

This Batman-themed eye mask is perfect for blocking out the light on red eye flights and in dorm-style hostel rooms.

Pokemon travel gifts

Fans who grew up playing Pokemon never let go of their love for the game, and it was rekindled for an even bigger audience with the release of Pokemon Go last summer. Players will love these handy travel gifts.

Pokeball portable charger

Portable phone chargers are some of the best travel accessories you can buy as a gift. I use mine on an almost daily basis when I’m traveling because I’m constantly on my phone for photos and navigation.

Pokeball gear shift

Van lifers and RV residents will love this gear shift topper styled like a Pokeball.

Pokemon hand sanitizer case

Mini bottles of hand sanitizer are commonly carried when traveling. This Pokemon-themed one will brighten up anyone’s daybag or backpack.

Pikachu travel pillow

Everyone’s favorite Pokemon will help your traveler get a good night’s sleep on a red eye flight.

Pokemon luggage tags

Make sure your bag stands out with these cute luggage tags styled after favorite Pokemon.

Pokemon travel mug

Keep your drinks warm or cold on the go with this Pokeball travel mug.

Other travel gifts for nerds

Here are some more miscellaneous nerdy gifts that travelers will love.

Math and science compression socks

Science and math nerds will love to wear these compression socks on their long haul flights.

Nintendo Switch system

My boyfriend is almost 30 and plays on his Switch every weekend. It allows traveling gamers to play from anywhere in the world and would be a fantastic plane, train, or road trip time killer.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles UNO

UNO is a great way to kill time while you’re flying, waiting for a delayed flight, or waiting out a rain storm in a hotel room. The Ninja Turtles version is even better.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles travel blanket and pillow

I’m always chilly on planes, so I love having a comfy blanket with me. I love it even more when it’s covered with some of my favorite characters from my childhood.

Star-gazing chart

This star chart is perfect for campers, hikers, or anyone who will find themselves in an area with dark skies at night.

Galaxy print backpack

The short-lived galaxy print fad was probably the only fashion trend I’ve been on board with in the last decade. It’s both gorgeous and just a teeny bit nerdy. This beautiful daybag is the perfect personal item carry-on or gear for a day out.

What else is on your list of travel gifts for nerds? Let me know in the comments. (Seriously. I’m still doing my Christmas shopping.)

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