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Fountain at Detroit Metro Airport

The Best and Worst of US Airports

Everyone who flies regularly eventually comes up with a list of best and worst airports, as well as a healthy set of air travel pet peeves to go along with it. I asked travel bloggers and frequent business travelers about their favorite and least favorite parts of all of the major United States airports. Read on to find out which US airports have the best food, which airports have the worst security lines, and which airports are so hopelessly outdated that all you can do is shake your head in disbelief.

Airports on the list are alphabetized by the major city they serve. (Anything not credited to another contributor is my own two cents based on four years of frequent business flying and an unfortunately expensive personal travel habit.) Make sure to visit the comments at the end to tell me your favorite and least favorite airports!

Atlanta, Georgia – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

The terminals in Atlanta are linked by a surprisingly efficient train system which makes making connections way less daunting than you would expect for such a large airport. It’s consistently ranked as the busiest United States airport, so you can get pretty much anywhere in the world from here and have lots of options to be rebooked if your flight is cancelled.

I’d had connections through the Atlanta airport many times before finally having it as my final destination. Just getting to my rental car from the airport took an eternity. Taking the train to the central terminal, finding my way to another train, and then taking that to the garage took well over an hour. All I wanted to do was leave the airport.

The Atlanta airport has almost no capacity to deal with winter weather, so a tiny bit of snow or ice can cause major flight delays.

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best souvenirs from around the world

Travel Bloggers Reveal the Best Souvenirs They’ve Ever Bought

There are plenty of cheap, mass-produced souvenirs for sale in touristy areas – one of my strongest memories of Paris is of constantly declining to buy anything from the guys draped with dozens of mini Eiffel Tower replica keychains – but every once in a while you come across a souvenir that truly connects to you. The perfect souvenir can come in many forms – the functional one that you use regularly for years to come, the sentimental kind that makes you smile fondly every time you glance at it, and the truly unique one that never fails to start a conversation. I asked a group of fellow bloggers from around the world to weigh in on the best souvenirs that they’ve purchased throughout their travels.

Christmas ornament from Germany

By Sage from Everyday Wanderer

Christkindlmarkt ornament - Everyday Wanderer

Photo by Sage from Everyday Wanderer

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Winter travel tips

Winter Travel Tips from Expert Bloggers

Traveling in the winter isn’t the easiest thing to do – you have to pack way more clothing than you do in the summer and are often at the mercy of the weather – but it’s also incredibly  rewarding and if you plan on visiting German Christmas markets, viewing the Northern Lights, or planning a ski vacation, you’ll have to venture out into the cold. These winter travel tips from experienced bloggers should prepare you to face winter weather.

Note: This  post contains affiliate links, and should you choose to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. If you use an ad blocker, you may need to disable it for this site in order to see the product images.

Pick the right clothes to keep you warm

By Cat from The Compass is Calling

Kemi, Finland - Travel tips for winter

Photo courtesy of Cat from The Compass is Calling

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Planes at LaGuardia airport - the future of travel

What Does the Future of Travel Look Like?

With cities pushing back against mass tourism, technology reshaping our world, airlines finding new ways to squeeze money out of fees, and social media influencers making destinations trendy with just a few Instagram pictures, there’s no doubt that the future of travel looks very different than its current state. I asked a group of travel bloggers to predict what the future of travel will look like over the next couple of decades.

Changes in communication will shape the future of travel

I think the biggest aspect that is going to change within travel is how we communicate. For decades, the way we’ve communicated with people has either been in English, or their own language. Who here is guilty of that being the former? I always try and learn at least a few words at a minimum (hello, goodbye, thank you and usually cheers!) in the native language but how will this change in the next few years? With technology expansion soaring into the space age – there are already tools on the market that will dramatically change travel, and communication in travel forever.

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Sunset at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA - The fun side of business travel

The Fun Side of Business Travel

I’ve spent the last few years traveling for work almost every week. I’m notorious amongst my coworkers for spending my evenings out exploring town and finding interesting things to do after work. The chance to travel the country on my company’s dime is too good to waste watching tv in the hotel, so I try to take advantage of this opportunity to see and do as much as I can. Along with some other travel bloggers, here are some of my favorite fun things to do on business trips in the United States.

Waldameer Water World – Erie, PA

Waldameer Park in Erie, Pennsylvania

One of my most surprisingly fun buisness trips was to Erie, Pennsylvania. I found Waldameer, a little amusement park near the lake, and was thrilled to discover that it was pay-per-ride. That meant that instead of having to buy a full admission ticket to ride a couple of roller coasters, I could buy just enough credits to ride what I wanted. Their biggest ride is a coaster called the Ravine Flyer II. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was absolutely blown away. I ended up going back to buy more credits just so I could ride it again. Afterward, I looked up the ride, and it turns out that it’s one of the highest rated wooden roller coasters in the country. It deserves every accolade. I finished the evening at nearby Presque Isle State Park, watching the sunset over Lake Erie from one of the many beaches.

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Banner of rainbow colored travel photos

Worldwide Color: Best of June 2017

My Instagram feature account, Worldwide Color posts three photos every day, rotating through all of the colors of the rainbow. I love looking through all of the pictures other Instagrammers send in for a feature, and the feed is turning out to be gorgeous (if I do say so myself). Keep reading to see the Instagram’s most colorful travel photos.


The red lanterns in this shot from Kuala Lampur are gorgeous. There is so much natural and man-made beauty in Malaysia, and this picture captures it perfectly. Like this shot? Follow @travelandblog on Instagram.

Other top red photos were of red poppies at the Tower of London by @wangaringugi and a palace in Lisbon, Portugal by @meusroteiros.

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Spaghetti Eis in Munich, Germany

The Coolest Ice Cream in the World

A trip to the local ice cream shop is great, but the world offers so much more than just a scoop of chocolate or vanilla. Summer is heating up in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s the perfect time to indulge in an icy cold treat. Check out this list of the coolest ice cream in the world from a group of globetrotting travel bloggers.

Eyescream & Friends – Barcelona, Spain

By Kylie from Between England & Iowa

Eyescream & Friends in Barcelona, Spain

Photo by Kylie

Eyescream & Friends originated in the Barceloneta neighbourhood in Barcelona, Spain and have since spread to several locations around the world.  They serve shaved gelato that look like ‘splat monsters!’  There are 7 different flavours to choose from, including one frozen yoghurt flavour, then 2 little sugar eyeballs are placed on top.  Each of the flavours create a different colour Eyescream & Friends character!   Next, customers choose 2 pots from a huge range of toppings, anything from different flavoured sauces (I tried watermelon!), gummy bears, variations of chocolate, sprinkles, nuts and many more!  The bowl of shaved gelato, the 2 topping pots and a spoon, all slot into a handy take out box…that also make for a good Instagram picture!

See more from Kylie on Facebook and Twitter.

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Banner of rainbow colored travel photos

Worldwide Color: Best of May 2017

I love bright colors. I also love finding those bright colors out in the world while I’m exploring. A while ago, I came up with the crazy idea to start a feature account that showcased the kind of colorful photography you can find in travel pictures, and my account, Worldwide Color, was born. Every day, I repost three pictures of a certain color, cycling through the rainbow, mixing submissions from other Instagrammers in with a few of my own. These are my favorites of each color from May.


I love the red lanterns contrasted with the purples in this one. They’re two colors that are hard to pull off together, but look great when paired up properly. Want to see them in real life? You’ll have to head to Guangzhou, China. Follow @lincalincalinca on Instagram and check out her blog, Reverie Chaser, for more great content.

Other top red images this month were from @beckythetraveller and @yavaeya.

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