I’ve made it to 46 states so far, so I’ve seen a lot of what the United States has to offer. This section features my favorite places and things to do, plus massive bucket lists for each region of the country to help you plan your travels.

European Travel

It’s no secret that I fell in love with Europe the very first time I visited. You’ll find content about Austria, Poland, Italy, Iceland, and France in this section, including food, natural wonders, historic sites, and more!

South American Travel

Peru is one of the  most popular countries in South America for visitors and once you visit the Andes, you’ll see why. Check out all my tips and guides to plan your visit in this section.

Disney Parks

I grew up visiting Disney World almost annually and then ended up working there during college, so it’s safe to say that it almost feels like home. Disney posts are some of my favorites to write, so check out this section for info on Disney World, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.

Travel Decor and Gifts

This section was inspired by my desire to incorporate my love of travel into the decor of my house without being too cheesy. It features my favorite travel-themed decor and gifts travelers will love.

Recent Posts

How to Get to Pompeii from Rome, Naples, or Sorrento

I'll be honest, getting from Naples to Pompeii was one of the most frustrating travel experiences I've ever had. I've navigated airports, train stations, subway systems, and bus stations on six different continents and I've never had quite as much trouble as I did in...

Inca Rail vs. PeruRail: Picking the Best Train to Machu Picchu

When booking a train to Machu Picchu, you can choose from Inca Rail or Peru Rail. Each offers service to Aguas Calientes - the town just outside the ruins - with stops in Ollantaytambo and Cusco. On our trip, we rode Inca Rail from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes and...

Squaw Valley for Beginners

As I described in my tale of our time skiing in the Alps, I'm not the greatest skier in the world. Where I come from in southeastern Michigan, we ski on landfills because we don't even have mountains. Knowing that I was heading to one of the premier ski areas near...

25 Bucket List-Worthy Things to Do in the Great Plains States

The Great Plains region is often overlooked, but it's home to some fascinating National Parks and plenty of historic sites that tell some of the sadder stories in American history. Despite the images of rolling fields of grain, you'll find gorgeous mountains, geysers,...

Everything You Need to Know to Visit Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center visitor complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida is an awesome attraction for the whole family. Space enthusiasts and casual visitors alike can easily spend a whole day immersed in the exhibits about spaceflight, the history of the center's many...