For guests staying at the Lake Lodge, Yellowstone Lake is just steps away. Picture sipping your morning coffee from a rocking chair on its wide front porch while looking out over the lake. This all-cabin hotel features a large lobby, dining options, and three types of cabin units that can sleep up to four adults. It’s also one of the most affordable non-camping options in Yellowstone. As you’re planning your visit, note that Lake Lodge is only open from June-September annually.

Where is the Lake Lodge in Yellowstone?

Located in the Lake Village area near the junction of the East Entrance Road and the Grand Loop Road, the Lake Lodge Cabins are ideally suited for exploring the eastern and southern parts of Yellowstone National Park. When we stayed here, we arrived to the sight of the moon reflecting on the water on a clear night. Bison and elk are known to enjoy grazing on the vegetation right outside the cabins.

Full moon reflecting on a lake with mountains in the background

Basing yourself at the Lake Lodge, you can easily spend time visiting the park’s largest body of water for boating or fishing. You’re also ideally positioned for wildlife sightings in Hayden Valley, located just a bit north. Early mornings are the ideal time for seeing animals here so starting from the Lake Lodge gives you a head start on most other visitors.

Large fireplace with comfy chairs in a wooden-beamed lobby
Photo by David Restivo in the Public Domain

You can also easily get to the Canyon area to marvel at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone if you head further north, or set out in the opposite direction to get to the Old Faithful Area. Lesser known areas within easy reach include Mud Volcano and the West Thumb Geyser Basin. You can also get to Grand Teton National Park with just a short drive.

Dining at the Yellowstone Lake Lodge

The Lake Lodge Cabins feature one dining option – a counter service restaurant called Wylie’s Canteen at Lake Lodge that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has your standard American fare with breakfast sandwiches and burritos in the morning and burgers, salads, and chicken for lunch and dinner. You can dine inside the seating area or take food out onto the porch or picnic tables close to the lake.

Wooden beamed room with food service counters and a sign for Condiments

You’re also located very close to the Lake Yellowstone Hotel – you drive past it before you arrive at the Lake Lodge – so you can check out the dining options there too. The Lake Yellowstone Hotel (I know – everything is called Lake) has two dining options. The Lake Hotel Dining Room is a table service restaurant offering omelets, pancakes, eggs benedict, and other classics for breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, noodles, and salads for lunch, and fancier dishes like ribeye, trout, and pheasant for dinner. The Lake Deli is a quick counter that serves sandwiches and pastries for breakfast and soups and sandwiches for lunch and dinner.

Lake Lodge Cabins

The Lake Lodge offers three different types of cabins, though they’re all fairly similar. Unlike other cabin hotels in Yellowstone (like the Old Faithful Lodge and Mammoth Hotel), all of the cabins here have private bathrooms included, so there are no communal bath houses. There are no traditional-style hotel rooms at the Lake Lodge.

Large fireplace in a wooden-beamed hotel lobby

Upon your arrival, you’ll check in at the main lodge building. It’s a beautifully rustic lodge with a cozy feeling at night and a small parking lot off to the side. When you check in, you’ll receive directions to your cabin and a little map of the area. You can then move your vehicle to parking spots located closer to your unit.

None of the cabins feature tvs, radios, or A/C, but you will have heating units in the rooms. There is limited weak wifi available in the main lobby. I could get a very faint signal in our cabin, but it wasn’t strong enough to actually load anything.

Note: Due to bears in the area, food and other scented items should not be left in your vehicle overnight. Bring those items inside the cabin with you.

Lake Lodge Western Cabin

Exterior of motel-style cabins at the Lake Lodge Yellowstone

The Lake Lodge Western Cabins are built in groups so they have more of a motel-style appearance than a single-unit cabin. Ours was in the middle of a group of four so we shared walls on each side. We had no noise issues, but it’s something to note if you’re expecting a more isolated cabin. The Lake Lodge Western Cabins have two queen beds in most cases, though the hotel indicates that there are some units with only one. It’s worth noting that our bedding looked much more modern than what was pictured on the booking site which made it look much brighter and newer.

Queen beds with white linens in the Lake Lodge Western Cabins in Yellowstone National Park

The bathrooms in our Western Cabin were the most spacious out of the three cabins we stayed at on our Yellowstone trip. You have a private shower (possibly with a tub), sink, and toilet. The sink is located outside of the door to the toilet and shower so you can have multiple people using bathroom facilities at once if needed, which is a feature I always love when traveling.

Ours had a small dresser, a little table and chairs, a coffee maker, and some recycling bins that we enthusiastically made use of after collecting bottles for several days on our road trip. The housekeepers probably thought we had a Powerade addiction.

Lake Lodge Frontier Cabins

These have a more cabin-eque exterior, but you do share a wall with another unit. These are smaller and more basic than the Western Cabins. They can either have one or two double beds. You’ll also have a private bathroom, again with the sink separate from the toilet and shower.

Small cabin with a brown wooden exterior surrounded by green foliage
Photo by David Restivo in the Public Domain

Lake Lodge Pioneer Cabins

The Pioneer Cabins are very similar to the Frontier Cabins. You can have one or two double beds and have a private bathroom. These cabins do not include coffee makers.

Note: The Pioneer Cabins are not scheduled to open for the 2021 season.

Booking the Lake Lodge in Yellowstone

If you’re ready to book a stay, head to the official website for prices and availability. Rooms book up soon for the summer, so don’t delay! Note that a one-night deposit is required at the time of booking. If you cancel or modify your reservation less than 30 days ahead of time, a $25 fee will be charged. If you cancel less than 7 days ahead of time, your whole deposit will be kept.

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