Booking the best FastPass+ reservations is an essential step when planning a visit to Walt Disney World. Not all FastPasses were created equal, however, and it’s important to make the right choices when making your selections. I’ve put together a guide to the most important FastPasses at each Disney park. I factored in the popularity of the ride and the usual standby wait time along with my own personal preferences. Your choices will obviously vary based on your tastes and the people in your travel group, but here are my best recommendations for the best FastPasses to book

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Best Magic Kingdom FastPasses

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the hardest Disney World Fastpasses to get

Courtesy Walt Disney World Resort

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train tops the list of best FastPasses for the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom’s newest ride routinely draws the longest wait times in the park. It’s a great family-friendly roller coaster – we even got my mom who is terrified of anything wild on it – that also features a unique swaying car system and some top-notch animatronics. On some late nights, the line will dwindle a bit, but if you want to avoid a long wait, you’ll want to Fastpass this one. Mine Train FPs book up quickly, especially during busy seasons, so be sure to grab them as soon as you can.

Your next two FastPass+ selections: Space Mountain and Peter Pan

Your Magic Kingdom FastPass strategy is  the most wide-open out of the four parks. With no tiers and the highest number of attractions available, you have tons of options to cater to your group’s interests. I always go with Space Mountain because of it’s usual long lines, though I’ve caught it as a walk-on at closing time a few times. Peter Pan always has an inexplicably long line. It’s my favorite out of the dark rides, but there’s no chance I’d ever stand in line for over an hour for it. While I much prefer the roller coasters to Peter Pan, you can usually get additional FastPasses for Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain later on in the day, or hop on them with minimal wait late at night. Peter Pan’s line never dies down.

If thrill rides aren’t your thing, substitute the Jungle Cruise or Buzz Lightyear for Space Mountain. If you’re looking for thrills, swap Splash Mountain  or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for Peter Pan.

Don’t waste a FastPass on: PhilharMagic

I love this 3D movie as much as the next ’90s kid, but I’ve literally never waited in line for it. Even on the busiest days, you’ll find one of the shortest waits in the park here.

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Best Epcot FastPasses

Frozen Ever After in Epcot's Norway pavilion is an essential Fastpass reservation

Test Track

With a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster coming soon, this is sure to change, but at the moment, Test Track should be your top FastPass at Epcot. It’s the rare fast ride that my mom likes, and the outdoor speed run at the end is a blast. While it has a single rider line, even that’s been upwards of 45 minutes the last few times I’ve looked at riding that way, so a FastPass is the way to go. The other two rides in the top tier – Frozen and Soarin’ – provide different experiences, but have been easier to get on without a FastPass lately. Frozen could be a good option if you’re traveling with young kids because it doesn’t have a height requirement.

Your next two FastPass+ selections: Mission: Space and Spaceship Earth

Epcot runs on a two-tiered Fastpass system, so your next two will have to come from the lower tier. I used to go with Character Spot until it was promoted to the first tier (it’s way out of its league being grouped with Test Track and Soarin’, but that’s just my humble opinion.) and Mission: Space. The second tier choices are pretty mediocre. I’d still go with Mission: Space as my first choice and then pick Spaceship Earth since it’s hard to visit Epcot without riding that one. You’ll be able to ride all of the options without waiting too long on most days, so your choices are less important.

Don’t waste a FastPass on: Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival.

This thoroughly forgettable collection of short films is the kind of thing you do when you get caught in a storm and you’re looking for a way to kill some time while it’s raining. Use your FastPasses on something else.

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Best FastPasses for Hollywood Studios

Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster at Disney World's Hollywood Studios

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort

Slinky Dog Dash

The newest roller coaster at Disney World is adorable themed and perfect for all ages (though it does have a 38″ height requirement). You get to take a ride on Slink himself as he loops through a playset that Andy constructed and you might just catch a glimpse of other favorite Toy Story characters along the way. This ride has consistently boasted the longest waits in Toy Story Land so Slinky Dog Dash FastPasses are going to be essential. If you’re traveling with kids who don’t meet the height requirement for either of the new Toy Story attractions (the Slinky Dog Dash height requirement is 38″ and the Alien Saucer Swirl height requirement is 32″), Toy Story Mania, though not new, is a solid option that anyone can ride. Oh, and if you want to snag this FastPass+, plan on being online or on your app at 7am EST 60 days before your stay if you’re going to be at a Disney World hotel. They’ll go fast.

Your next two FastPass+ choices: Star Tours and … I have no idea

Like Epcot, Hollywood Studios has a tiered Fastpass system, so you’ll have to make two selections from the lower group. Now that they’ve made the infuriating decision to put every ride except Star Tours in the top tier, you’ll have to waste your third FastPass on one of the shows. I’d definitely do Star Tours as my second option, but have never needed a FastPass for any of the shows so it feels pretty pointless. However, if you want a chance at snagging another tier 1 FastPass after using your initial selection, you have to pick three. You could either book a show as your last one and try for another ride as soon as you tap in or book the earliest possible one and just let it expire without using it. Neither one is a great option, but I hope they’ll shuffle things around once the Star Wars land FastPasses become available.

Don’t waste a FastPass on: MuppetVision 3D

MuppetVision 3D. Even on the busiest days, the wait for this show is usually negligible.

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Best FastPasses for Animal Kingdom

The Pandora section of Animal Kingdom looks beautiful.

Courtesy Walt Disney World Resort

Flight of Passage

Since the Pandora area opened, the two rides located there have drawn the biggest wait times. The Animal Kingdom FastPass system has two tiers, with only Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey in the top category. Of those two, Flight of Passage has consistently drawn longer waits with lines still topping 2 hours regularly. Na’vi River Journey is an okay fallback if you can’t get a Flight of Passage FastPass, but to be honest, it was pretty disappointing overall and you’re better off getting up early on your first available booking day to try to snag Flight of Passage as your first Animal Kingdom FastPass.

Your next two FastPass+ choices: Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safaris

The opening of Pandora has thrown the Animal Kingdom wait times off a bit, but you can always count on Everest and the Safaris to draw lines. Everest’s unique backwards track section is one of my favorites, but if you’re not a coaster fan, you can swap this one for Dinosaur. Kilimanjaro Safaris is one of the park’s cornerstone attractions and no visit to Animal Kingdom is complete without a ride.

Don’t waste a FastPass on: It’s Tough to Be a Bug

The last time I was there, on a Saturday in July aka one of the busier times of the year, the Cast Member working the entrance to this show was practically begging people to enter the queue. The theater rarely fills up, and it would be a shame to waste a FP reservation on this.

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Ready to book? Head here to start claiming your FP+ slots or log in to the WDW App! (You’ll definitely want to download that before visiting to save yourself hours in the parks.) If you don’t have your tickets yet, check out Undercover Tourist where you can save up to $85/ticket for discounts – they’re one of the few authorized Disney World ticket sellers and I got a whole day free on my last trip by purchasing through them.

Keep in mind that if you book your FastPasses early in the day, you can start booking additional ones after using your first three. Tier one FastPasses are tough to get, but you can usually grab some of the less popular ones later in the day. Of course, if you have multiple days at some of the parks, you can try to get different Tier 1 FastPasses for the 3 parks that have tiers, or go back and ride a favorite.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know which FastPasses are the best in the comments. 

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Collage of Disney World images with text overlay reading "The essential guide to FastPasses at Disney World"

Collage of Disney World images with text overlay reading "The most important FastPasses at every Disney World park"

When planning a trip to Disney World, figuring out which FastPasses to book is an important decision. This guide from a former Cast Member features info on which FastPasses are the hardest to book and will save you the most time. Now updated to include info on Toy Story Land rides and Pandora.

Make sure that you snag the most important Disney World FastPasses with this park-by-park guide to what you should be booking.Make sure that you snag the most important Disney World FastPasses with this park-by-park guide to what you should be booking.

Make sure that you snag the most important Disney World FastPasses with this park-by-park guide to what you should be booking.

When planning a trip to Disney World, figuring out which FastPasses to book is an important decision. This guide from a former Cast Member features info on which FastPasses are the hardest to book and will save you the most time. Now updated to include info on Toy Story Land rides and Pandora.

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