Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom is one of the hottest dining reservations in all of Disney World. Set in a gorgeous recreation of the ballroom from Beauty and the Beast, it’s an absolute dream come true for fans of the movie. And if the enchanting setting isn’t enough for you, the food is among the best offerings at Disney World. I’ve been lucky enough to snag reservations for all three meals served there – breakfast, lunch, and dinner (not in the same day, of course) – and have a guide to each of the options. Breakfast and lunch are served quick service style and open seating – but unlike other quick service places, you will still need a reservation. During these meals, you’ll place your order at kiosks (or place an online order ahead of time!) and then choose a seat while you wait for your food. It’ll be delivered right to you on an elaborate cart. Dinner features a prix fixe menu in a romantic setting with a chance to meet The Beast himself. If you’re having trouble deciding which meal to book, you’re in luck – this Be Our Guest review covers all three meals!

What makes Be Our Guest Restaurant so great?

Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere! The first time I entered the grand ballroom, my jaw dropped. It looks exactly like it does in Beauty and the Beast, and as a kid who grew up obsessed with that movie, it was a dream come true to step into the ballroom. The chandeliers, ceiling murals, and dramatic design make you feel like you’re in a real palace. You can almost picture Belle and The Beast whirling around the dance floor to the sound of Tale as Old as Time, except that the dance floor is full of tables.

Enchanted rose on display in the West Wing room at Be Our Guest restaurant

There are two other rooms that you can be seated in – the West Wing and the Castle Gallery. The West Wing is modeled after The Beast’s room that Belle was forbidden from entering and features the famous enchanted rose that marked the passage of time. It’s fairly small and a little bit dark, but seeing the rose is cool. The Castle Gallery is…less than awesome in my opinion. It’s supposed to be modeled after Belle’s private library, but it doesn’t look anything like the library in the movie and in contrast to the ballroom and West Wing it’s downright bland. Out of the three Be Our Guest restaurant rooms, I’ll always pick the Grand Ballroom, though I know lots of people favor the West Wing.

During breakfast and lunch service, you get to seat yourselves so you can pick whichever room you want to sit in. It does get a little crowded in the Grand Ballroom though, and because it’s so small, the West Wing is often completely full. For dinner service, you’re directed to an available table, though if you make a request when you check in outside you may be able to be seated in a particular room. For dinner, I really wanted to be in the Grand Ballroom so I asked if we could be seated there at check in, even if it meant waiting an extra few minutes. Whether it was a happy coincidence or the seaters accommodated my request is unknown, but I did get my magical dinner in the perfect spot in the ballroom. I even made my boyfriend pose for a picture like we were dancing there, which is probably one of the worst things I’ve done to him in our time together.

Oh, and the grey stuff is pretty good too.

Cupcake with chocolate embellishment and "grey stuff" frosting at Disney's Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom

How to get Be Our Guest reservations

Because it’s such a popular venue, Be Our Guest reservations book up very early. And despite that breakfast and lunch are quick service, you still need reservations for both of them. While it’s not as hard to get as Cinderella’s Royal Table, bookings can still be hard to come by and do get snapped up. If you’re staying on site at a Disney hotel, you can book 180 days from the start of your hotel stay. You can book your dining for the entire length of your stay from that point, so if you’re having a hard time finding one, try for a date later in your trip. (If you’re staying for more than 10 days, you can only book the first ten.) Here’s a link to the Be Our Guest website so you can check for available times, or I’d highly recommend downloading the app since you’ll definitely want to use it while you’re at the parks.

If you don’t manage to get a reservation for the dates you need, keep trying. I recommend downloading the My Disney Experience App and trying daily. As other visitors cancel their reservations, they’re returned to the inventory available for booking and you could snag one. I like to check first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day when I have a couple minutes.

Breakfast at Be Our Guest

Plate of pastries served at the Be Our Guest breakfast time

Breakfast at Be Our Guest typically takes place from 8:00-10:30 am, but you should check the hours for the dates you’re visiting. It’s counter service, but does take reservations.

I absolutely love the Be Our Guest breakfast menu – with one huge caveat: it’s significantly more expensive than your average quick service meal. With adult entrees in the upper $20 range, that’s a big win for you if you’re on the dining plan, but not so much if you’re paying out of pocket.

Some of my favorite options are the croissant donut smothered in banana caramel sauce, crème filling, and chocolate ganache. It’s a mountain of sugar, but so delicious. If you’re looking for less sugar and more nutrition, the Feast a la Gaston featuring scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage, and bacon will fill you right up. I’m also a fan of the Croque Madame, the open faced ham sandwich with cheese, egg, and béchamel sauce that was a staple of my time spent in actual France. I’m less enthralled with the kids menu options since I find charging $15 for oatmeal or cereal a bit excessive even by theme park food standards. Kids can also pick from scrambled eggs and bacon, French toast, and crepes, so those options aren’t bad though I confess to never having tried any personally.

The best part of breakfast at Be Our Guest might be the fact that all of the meals come with a plate of pastries for the table to share. I’m assuming this is part of why the meals here are so much pricier than normal quick service, and they also happen to be pretty delicious. And, if you have your heart set on trying some of the grey stuff Lumiere made famous in the restaurant’s namesake song, don’t worry – the grey stuff cupcake is available for breakfast too. And since you’re on vacation, cupcakes for breakfast are totally ok.

If you’re trying to maximize your day at the Magic Kingdom, you might consider booking a Be Our Guest breakfast reservation at or near opening time. If your time slot is early enough, you can check in outside the gate and get into the park a bit before the rest of the guests. You’ll never see Main Street that empty and the Castle photographs you’ll get will be top notch. Plus, if you eat fast, you can still have time to knock off a few rides before the crowds hit. On my last visit, I booked a solo reservation at park opening because my family didn’t want to get up for it. I went alone, took Castle pictures with no one else in sight, ate, and hit 3 rides and met 6 characters before the rest of my party rolled in at 10:30. And if you like to maximize your time like that, check out my guide to saving time at Disney World.

Reminder: even though it’s classified as quick service, you do need Be Our Guest breakfast reservations.

Lunch at Be Our Guest

Roast pork, green beans, and mashed potatoes at Disney's Be Our Guest lunch

Lunch at Be Our Guest typically takes place from 11:00am-2:30pm, but you should check the hours for the dates you’re visiting. It’s counter service, but does need reservations.

The Be Our Guest lunch menu is among my favorites at Disney World. Between my family members and me, we’ve tried almost all of the adult entrees and loved them all. My favorite is the braised pork, which comes out way more tender and juicy than you’d expect for counter service food in a theme park. And the mashed potatoes are legit. The Croque Monsieur – a basically the Croque Madame mentioned above without the egg – and French dip are also solid choices. And, the price point is a little bit lower than breakfast, with entrees currently topping out at $16.99 for adults. Kids can choose from meatloaf, a turkey sandwich, grilled shrimp, macaroni with marinara, pork roast, or a grilled cheese.

There are also a variety of dessert options, but my pick will always be The Master’s Cupcake, which is topped with the grey stuff. It’s delicious.

Reminder: despite the fact that it’s classified as quick service, you do need Be Our Guest lunch reservations.

Dinner at Be Our Guest

Glass of champagne on the table at Disney's Be Our Guest dinner

Dinner at Be Our Guest is typically served from 4:00pm-park close, so it can vary quite a bit. It counts as a Signature Table Service restaurant, which means it will cost two dining plan meal credits. You’ll definitely want reservations for it too.

In 2018, Be Our Guest’s dinner service switched from a standard menu to a prix fixe menu that includes appetizers, entrees, and dessert. It’ll also run you $60 for adults or 2 table service credits if you’re on the dining plan. I was one of the many people less than pleased with this change because there is not a time in my life when I’ll ever need that much food in one sitting and I would rather not shell out for appetizers I have no interest in.

For the appetizer course, current offerings are escargot, French onion soup, lobster bisque, charred octopus, salad, and a meat and cheese plate. Entrée options are roasted chicken, seafood bouillabaisse, pork tenderloin, filet mignon, lamb chops, and tortellini. You have a few different dessert options, including a cup of the famous grey stuff. There’s also a decent sized selection of wine, champagne, beer, and cider – at the time it opened Be Our Guest was the only place in the Magic Kingdom that served alcohol, though the other table service restaurants have started, so my first glass of champagne there was a fun novelty.

The coolest part of dinner at Be Our Guest is that on your way out, you can meet your host, The Beast himself. He doesn’t circulate to tables like a traditional character meal, but you’re able to pose with him as you exit the restaurant. He’s only there for dinner, so you won’t get a chance to meet him if you make a breakfast or lunch reservation.

Couple posing with The Beast at Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom

So which meal are you going to sample? Let me know which is your favorite in the comments.

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